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  1. Microsoft Kills Sponsored Post Program After Attracting Matt Cutts' Attention

    Microsoft released the developer version of the next Internet Explorer this week, but there was also a major zero day flaw in Internet Explorer that caused many of those who still used Internet Explorer to switch to Google Chrome or Firefox.

  2. 7 Time-Saving Google Analytics Custom Reports

    For example, if Chrome and Firefox seem to be doing OK but if Internet Explorer has extremely high bounce rates, you might want to look into Internet Explorer more. After all, Internet Explorer has x percent of the browser share.research market...

  3. Google, Mozilla Accuse Microsoft of Restricting Browser Choice in Windows 8

    However, Mozilla claims that Internet Explorer (IE) will be the only browser able to run in the classic environment under Windows RT, at the expense of rival browsers like Firefox, Safari and Chrome. By allowing only IE to perform the advanced...

  4. The Trouble with Tribbles: Beyond Google’s Cookiegate Browser Settings Hype

    As of January 2012, five browsers split the majority of the market: Mozilla’s Firefox 37.1 percent Google Chrome 35.3 percent Internet Explorer 20.1 percent Safari 4.3 percent Opera 2.4 percent Essentially, Apple engineers were trying to make...

  5. Browser Wars: How Chrome Overtook Firefox for the First Time

    Delving deeper into the numbers, Chrome still falls short of Firefox for usage in North America and Europe, but tops the charts in South American countries, well ahead of Internet Explorer and nearly doubling Firefox usage.

  6. Battle of the Browsers: Impacting Search Share

    For a long time, Internet Explorer was the dominant web browser, but over the years Firefox emerged as a strong second player. Internet Explorer has been the leading browser in the marketplace for many years, with Firefox and Chrome beginning to...

  7. Does Google's Opt Out Widget Have Teeth?

    Given the small number of users of the Chrome browser compared to Internet Explorer and Mozilla's Firefox, the impact will not be big - but the rhetoric may help Google with the FTC. Both IE and Firefox have stated they will develop similar opt...