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Internet Domain Names Spam Police

  1. Direct Navigation To Sites Rules, But Search Engines Remain Important

    This may help minimally with some crawler-based search engines, but there were also rumblings at the "Spam Police" session of the last Search Engine Strategies conference that the crawlers are beginning to discriminate against exceptionally long...

  2. The Search Engine Update, Sept. 3, 1999, Number 60

    In this case, the real issue is what happens when someone is actively trying to mislead consumers into thinking they are reaching another company and who should be responsible for taking action -- the search engines, the site owners, the police...

  3. The Search Engine Report February 3, 1998 - Number 15

    People who wonder why their own sites don't appear for a particular term are often the best spam police. While the site continues to look the same, I have reorganized pages into subdirectories, and file names have changed from ending in .htm to .html.