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  1. 8 Lessons Learned From Owning a Search Agency for 15 Years

    I tried to focus on culture and a cool working environment, but I lost track of which clients were eating up everyone’s time and which ones were getting the service they deserved. If you can’t pay top dollar and hire amazing people, you better have...

  2. 10 New Media Trends Shaping the Lives of Modern Consumers @ClickZLive #CZLNY

    Zuckerberg also stressed Facebook's compulsion to put company culture in place immediately. Monthly Hackathons helped Facebook keep a cool, hacking culture in place so people would stay, even when the company grew to thousands of people.

  3. The Role of #Hashtags in Social Media and Search

    Today, the hashtag is part of pop culture. Yes, I said 'heard' because hashtags have now infiltrated contemporary culture and advertising campaigns. Everything on the Internet is forever. One blogger recently ranted in a blog post about how the...

  4. International Expansion: Break Down Barriers With Google+ Hangouts

    Example: Too many times I have spoken with someone of a different culture and thought they were being short with me through email. Google+ Hangouts should be able to help you get a feel for the culture of whomever you're speaking with.

  5. 2012 London Olympics: How the World Was Searching

    The reasons vary greatly -- from differences in culture to levels of broadband Internet penetration to device preference -- but each country will continue to reach higher as it pursues search gold. Social media may get most of the news clippings...

  6. Marissa Mayer Brings Hope to Yahoo

    I can’t wait to get to know more about Yahoo’s products, culture, and all of you. is an Internet icon — in terms of brand, reach, user following, in its products and service. Literally. One Yahoo was inspired to create a “Hope” poster reminiscent...

  7. How to Run Foreign Language PPC Campaigns

    Context and culture should be taken into consideration and the tone of language used can be very important. A recent study conducted across the European Union found that more than half of Internet users visited foreign language (usually meaning...