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International Trade

  1. Google's Patrick Thomas Talks Controversial Content Ahead of SES San Francisco Keynote

    Prior to joining Google, I was a senior trade policy advisor at the British Embassy. In that role, I worked with legislators, government officials, and non-governmental organizations to advance an open trade agenda to improve global economic growth...

  2. Google, Yahoo, Facebook, Microsoft Urge 'Greater Transparency' in PRISM Letter

    Today, we are proud to join dozens of our partners across the tech industry, civil society organizations, and trade associations to urge greater transparency by the U.S.government regarding national security demands for our users' information.

  3. Google Seeks Ban on iPhone, iPad in Patent Lawsuit

    International Trade Commission (ITC) on Friday, according to Bloomberg. Google's Motorola Mobility division has filed a patent infringement claim against Apple over the Siri voice control and location-based services used on iPhones and iPads.

  4. SEMPO Tells Government: Don't Censor Search Engines

    Chairman Jon Leibowitz Federal Trade Commission 600 Pennsylvania Avenue, NWWashington, DC 20580 When governments have tried to regulate Internet access, the results have been unpopular, relatively unsuccessful, and have led to international...

  5. Getting Ready for Global Business: The Benefits of the Foreign Language Internet

    They now have translated websites for 23 different languages and trade in 60 currencies. Together with fellow speakers Motoko Hunt, the founder of AJPR LLC, Michael Bonfils, SEM International managing director, and Tim Coughlin,

  6. Security and Responsibility on the Virtual Frontier

    At what point do we decide that we need to trade some security, for cost effectiveness and some marginal degree of convenience? If you have any doubts about that take an international flight out of JFK sometime, or try to negotiate your bank's...

  7. Localizing Websites: Why it Pays to Target Countries and Not Languages

    So if we take it for granted that exporting is a sensible business strategy, and that the Internet is by far the most cost-effective method of international marketing and trade, then all that remains is to decide how exactly to target foreign...