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International Criminal Court

  1. Kony 2012: Lessons for Video Marketers

    And Joseph Kony was indicted for war crimes in 2005 by the International Criminal Court in The Hague, but has evaded capture. The top video in the Viral Video Chart is Kony 2012, “a film and campaign by Invisible Children that aims to make Joseph...

  2. Google Pays $500M to Avoid DOJ Prosecution on Drug Ads

    Google will forfeit $500 million, one of the largest financial forfeiture penalties ever, to avoid criminal prosecution by the Department of Justice. Google has obtained court orders banning some of the rogue pharmacies named in the lawsuit and is...

  3. Security and Responsibility on the Virtual Frontier

    Committing the criminal offense of Trafficking in Stolen Property 2nd degree; This week has generated a lot of questions about the responsibility of the provider of a virtual world commerce platform (in this case that would be Linden Lab) in...

  4. The Truth About Big Brother Databases

    Criminal convictions and, in some states, marriage, divorce, death, boat or vehicle ownership, vehicle accidents, applications for fishing or hunting licenses, and voter registration also produce public records.

  5. Seven Stupid Searching Mistakes, Part 1

    Stripping out the stop words, "searching the web" becomes "searching," which will naturally lead to results describing everything from criminal manhunts to quests for enlightenment—and if you're lucky, maybe even something about searching the web.