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Internal Search Engine First Column

  1. Should SEOs Prepare for the End of Google as We Know It?

    Editor's Note: An SEW Reader posted a rebuttal to this column: Keep Calm & Carry On Despite Google SSL Search Term Encryption. It’s their search engine and it’s the biggest one out there. They’re just not going to tell anyone about it until after...

  2. The Second Life Tinfoil Hat Theory Part 5: A Skylight Suddenly Appears (But Search is Still Broken.)

    Sometimes, when you write a weekly column, the news breaks just before press time. I'll be honest- last week's column took me forever- by the time I was done I was *done*. It's like that alternate evil Star Trek universe, only you know, with a...

  3. Content is King...IF You Promote It

    The article is still being mentioned on Twitter and other Web sites as of the writing of this column (click on Google's new Show Options and then sort by Recent Results), even though it was originally posted on May 18.

  4. Link Building 101, Part 2

    For ongoing linking advice, be sure to check out the weekly Promotion & Link Building column by Justilen Gaspard and Sage Lewis. Join us for Search Engine Strategies London February 17-20 at the Business Design Centre in Islington.

  5. Should Your SEO Strategy Target the Head or the Long Tail?

    Today's column ran earlier on Search Engine Watch. So, when your boss asks you to develop a strategy for that one major keyword, be sure to keep this column around so you can explain why "proper SEO for the entire Web site" is a sound strategy.