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Internal Links Pagerank Sculpting

  1. So... You Think SEO Has Changed?

    For example, PageRank sculpting no longer works because the PageRank that would otherwise flow through a link that has a nofollow tag on it isn't redistributed, but rather "evaporates. I don't advocate obsessing over toolbar PageRank, but...

  2. Search Engine Algorithm Research & Testing

    When nofollow was introduced, some SEO enthusiasts wanted to use it for so called “PageRank sculpting” (the intentional steering of link value through a website). A would indicate that you save PageRank by using nofollow on unimportant links, B...

  3. Link Building 101, Part 1

    An advanced form of the discipline is known as "PageRank siloing," or "PageRank sculpting. A page that Google has already rewarded with a decent PageRank (or PR for short) is sometimes called an authority page.

  4. Giving Links Away

    Reading that post triggered my memory about something called PageRank sculpting. Enter Siloing and PageRank Sculpting Joost's article explains PageRank sculpting in more detail if you find this topic fascinating.