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Internal Audit

  1. The Relentless Pounding of Google Panda: Why SEO Band-Aids Won't Work

    Implementing all of the changes mapped out during an audit can help Panda-proof the site. After performing a thorough Panda audit, there are times audit presentations are 40-60 slides in PowerPoint covering the various changes that need to be made.

  2. SEO Audit Findings: 4 Hidden Technical Problems That Can Send Dangerous Signals to Search Engines

    For example, during a recent audit, I found large sections of a subnavigation that wouldn't trigger when mousing over its top-level category. All of the product pages suddenly included rel=canonical that pointed to the internal search results.

  3. 10 Insights from a Lite SEO Audit That Any Small Business Can Benefit From

    Instead, I’m going to list the issues I found during a recent lite audit, which offered many real life examples of issues you may encounter. Without further ado, here are 10 important insights I discovered during a recent lite SEO audit:

  4. Trick or Treat? 5 Fabulous and Frightening AdWords PPC Features

    To avoid this pitfall, do a simple negative keyword audit. Google’s internal data shows including location or phone information in a search ad increases CTR 6-8 percent. Some of these same features, however, have a few nasty tricks up their sleeve...