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  1. Markit venture is first casualty of US swap flop

    The hubs have most value for platforms on which both dealers and clients are trading – the latter are more likely to breach their clearing limits because most dealers clear for themselves rather than using an intermediary.

  2. Swiss trade bodies issue new transparency guidelines

    They must also specify whether the product is actively managed and whether it falls under the legal protection of a supervised financial intermediary. SSPA and SBA update rules on fees and prospectuses

  3. In Google We Trust (Your Identity)

    Because it would be a poor choice economically and for security to have only one provider, there will be many Identity Providers that users can select from to act as their intermediary. It also will define the systems that will be utilized and how...

  4. Microsoft Updates Ad Policies on Relevance & Quality

    Landing page and site content should not: Function primarily to support the display of advertising or attract traffic [or] have as its sole purpose to redirect to other businesses, without adding significant value as an intermediary, for example...

  5. 9 Ways to Work with Your Client's PR Agency

    As an SEO you're also tasked with delivering content and message to the organization's public, and growing that relevant audience where search is the intermediary for discovery. The role of the public relations (PR) professional is to help an...

  6. Capital gains tax reprieve cheers investors amid budget gloom

    The chancellor differentiated between tax rates for basic and higher-rate taxpayers and therefore securities can still be assigned to a lower-rate taxpayer," says Gary Dale, London-based head of intermediary structured product sales at Investec in...

  7. The return of risk

    It used to be the case that clients often did not understand the products – especially much of the intermediary market, which is used to selling funds,” he said. In some cases, that has meant a greater diversity of product as well as underlying...

  8. JP Morgan eyes Bear Energy prize

    The company serves as an intermediary, providing services to energy participants, including natural gas producers, power generation companies, private equity and hedge funds, industrials and other merchants.

  9. FSA releases discussion paper on transparency

    LONDON – The Financial Services Authority (FSA) has published a discussion paper (DP) looking at intermediary commission disclosure and wider issues of transparency in the commercial insurance market.