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  1. 5 Social Media Advertising Trends to Watch for in 2014

    The social media network saw changes across the user interface on desktops and mobile devices. Throughout 2013 and leading up to the IPO Twitter successfully overhauled the advertising interface and targeting functionality, launched TV ad targeting...

  2. Mobile Search iPhone Dance-Off: Google vs. Bing vs. Yahoo vs. Wolfram|Alpha

    It offers a tab-based interface that displays “trending now,” followed by a series of tappable search queries topping the Yahoo search trends at the time. Right away, you'll see that Bing is much more visually appealing than its counterparts, with...

  3. Get Your adCenter Search Marketing Campaign in Shape for 2012

    If you haven’t worked in your adCenter account recently, you should check out the redesigned user interface and upgraded adCenter Desktop tool. At the same time, remember that ad customization goes beyond simple ad text, making sure that you're...

  4. Are You Losing Money to Microsoft adCenter's Syndicated Search Partners?

    You can choose manipulate ad distribution in the native interface, but you'll be forced to change each ad group one-at-a-time. In the native interface, go to an ad group you want to change and click on Change Settings.