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  1. 5 Takeaways From the World Cup for Global Search Marketers

    Identify your goals ahead of time by making clear objectives for driving traffic to your site, gaining brand exposure and interactivity through social, and determining who is going to stick around and become your customers when the event is all over.

  2. Mobile Marketing: Connecting With Your Audience on the Move

    The difference is in interactivity. One example is how Chevy integrated a game time app during the Superbowl to captured interactivity simultaneously with TV and app. Interactivity with your home. This is a dream use case of digital marketers today...

  3. Google Catalogs Design Tips: How to Best Showcase Your Products

    One in which the interactivity allows the design to be a lot less cluttered. Tablet consumers have a high level of disposable income. If your company does a lot of its sales through catalogs, then getting your products in front of this consumer via...

  4. Social Media is Serious Business for Leading Companies [Study]

    Of the benefits of social media, brand building, interactivity and buzz building were listed as the areas it made the most difference. Just a few years ago, social media was something the kids were doing; a trend or fad that wasn’t going to last long.