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  1. Almost 12 Billion U.S. Searches Conducted in July

    Fox Interactive Media Of the core search providers, Google maintained its lead in market share in July, according to data released by comScore. Data are based on the five major search engines, including partner searches and cross-channel searches.

  2. Microsoft Top Display Advertiser for June 2008

    Microsoft was the top display advertiser, while Fox Interactive Media, with its ownership of MySpace, was the top publisher.million unique visitors were exposed to display ads in June. On the publisher side, Yahoo reached 130,680,000 and Fox...

  3. Search and the Law: Professor Eric Goldman

    SEO In-house Spotlight: Bill Macaitis with Fox Interactive Media, Search Engine Journal The data sets I've seen on this are not good, and there's no sign yet of any real cultural or educational evolution that will get people to realize the illogic...