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Intelligence Assessment

  1. LNG market participants shun Japanese forwards

    For those cases, we may adjust the assessment," he says. Settlement prices for the contract are intended to reflect the price of LNG imported into Japan, as reported by Tokyo-based price reporting agency Rim Intelligence.

  2. Shake-up ahead for financial technology

    These provide risk managers a faster and more accurate assessment of trading positions. The next key development in financial technology will be agility in reporting, which is also sometimes known as pervasive business intelligence or pervasive BI...

  3. Software Survey 2009

    Lamda provides straight-through processing of new business and, for protection business, the company has integrated an underwriting rules engine for automatic risk assessment. The firm has enhanced the analysis and reconciliation functionality of...

  4. The redundant trader

    What's more, some of the computerised feeds come with an assessment of the sentiment of the news reports and an analysis of the likely effects of events on markets that can alert risk management systems to impending volatility.