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Insurance Policy

  1. A Knowledge Gap Analysis Will Tell You What Web Analytics Can't

    If you’ve ever had to change your insurance policy, you’ll recall that insurance companies each offer different policies and options that can be quite confusing to the average consumer. For instance, an insurance site might ask users a few...

  2. Google, Bing, Yahoo Ordered by French Court to Block Video Streaming Sites

    Previously, they were taking the court regarding Google’s privacy policy as well as a $65,000 fine over Google’s Suggest offering the word “crack” after the name of the France insurance company. Typically, Google gets pirated content sites out of...

  3. Ripoff Report Launches Verified, a New Program to Shield Businesses From Negative Reviews

    RipoffReport, which is one of the most popular review sites for posting customer complaints, has recently launched a program called "Ripoff Report Verified," that acts like an insurance policy that protects you from negative reviews being posted.

  4. Google Sued by Germany’s Former First Lady for Prostitution-Related Search Suggestions

    Google was fined $65,000 earlier this year in France, after refusing to remove autocomplete suggestions that labeled a French insurance company a “crook. Kent Walker, a Google lawyer, wrote in a 2010 statement on the Google Public Policy blog...

  5. SearchDay | Brands Hit Big In Google SERPs

    Insurance companies, . Change to Display URL Policy Feb 25, 2009 5 days ago, the Inside AdWords blog announced a pretty big change to their Display URL policy.

  6. Yahoo Confirms Icahn Proxy Fight

    He also managed the Select Life Insurance, Select Property Casualty Insurance and Select Energy Portfolios. From 1987 to 1990, he was an Oil, Insurance, and Financial Services Analyst. Bebchuk has been a frequent contributor to policy making and...

  7. U.S. District Court Judge Issues Written Decision in Geico v. Google AdWords Case

    and that there had been a breach of the insurance firm? That confirms that Google's policy on trademarks and keywords is lawful. There was another issue in the case that concerned the use of trademarks in ad text, but that part of the case was not...