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  1. 9 Ways You Can Improve Your Infographic Pitches to Blogs & Websites

    Writing slick marketing copy that uses “calls to action” as your email, and otherwise insults a blogger by suggesting they can be manipulated like a consumer. One of the most frustrating things about the process has been the unevenness of the...

  2. Making Yahoocrosoft a Reality

    I know this should go without saying, but the same people you're hurling insults at now, will be the same people you will be sitting across from in the boardroom. Microsoft is still hot on the trail of Yahoo and the question of will it/won't it be...

  3. Twitter: Welcome to my Google Nightmare

    Then do a site search (the Google "search-within-a-search" that now appears in a box below some Web sites) and search Twitter for your choice of inappropriate language, unfortunate insults, or bad behavior.