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  1. How to Make Videos for YouTube Mobile

    Android devices are always logged in, so those users will see more personalized search results due to the data mined from their devices. Because of the geo-location capabilities that are constantly in background use in mobile devices, local results...

  2. Google Inside Search Event Recap: What's New in Mobile, Voice & Image Search

    Also, Google had added a feature from its Search app for Android and iOS to its mobile homepage, which basically lets you more quickly build your search using suggested phrases. A new search page has also been added for tablet systems to use the...

  3. Maile Ohye: Google Loves Your Ugly Baby, Plus the Future of Search #SESChi

    With the introduction of Google TV, all of that is about to change, as more and more devices such as Sony televisions, Blu-ray players, and Logitech set-top boxes roll out Android-based systems that will transform the way we consume digital content.

  4. Bing Social Recommends Twitterers; Paid Search Roundup; Google Transparency Report & More Search News

    Coming soon: mobile editing in Google Docs on Android and the iPad. Co-workers will soon be able to co-edit files simultaneously from an even wider array of devices. Google Instant Hasn't Changed the Way We Search, SEO Firm Claims - ReadWriteWeb

  5. News Picks: More Instant Fallout, for Sale, Twitter/Facebook/LinkedIn All See Growth

    Google has just updated its Platform Versions chart which shows there has recently been a surge in the number of devices running Android 2.2: it's now running on 28.7% of handsets. Android 2.2 Finally Starts To See Wide Adoption, Now On 28.7% Of...

  6. SearchDay | Performance Management for SEO Teams

    Google Releases Product Search for iPhone and Android Posted by Nathania Johnson Apr 27, 2009 Ever since Smokey Robinson reminded us that our mamas told us to shop around, finding the best bargain has been an American pastime.