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Information Week

  1. [#SESDENVER] Is LinkedIn a Solution for Brands Tapped Out on AdWords?

    LinkedIn pay-per-click (PPC) advertising has excellent targeting potential because users post so much information about themselves, from geo-location to age and employment history. Within one week, the start-up had seen a 24.97 percent conversion...

  2. Know Your Platforms: AdWords vs. AdWords Express

    AdWords: If you’ve got the time to manage online campaigns – ideally an extra five to 15 hours per week minimum – then AdWords might be for you. To run on AdWords Express, you don’t even need a website, as you can direct all of your ads to your...

  3. Google App Searches Gmail for Upcoming Bills

    Now, users can simply tap the microphone and say, "Show me my bills" or "My bills due this week" within the app. The information is pulled directly from your Gmail account and displayed on your screen as shown below.

  4. Drive Your Clicks In-Store With Local Inventory Ads

    This new information is pulled from an in-store inventory feed, making these ads perfect for businesses with physical stores. This page will contain the product information and also a map of the nearest store where the product is in stock.

  5. Google's New Structured Snippets Pull Facts Into a Page's Search Results

    This week, the Google Research team unveiled "structured snippets," which presents an additional way Google pulls data from a Web page into its search results. The snippets work by extracting information from data tables on a Web page and pairing...

  6. Why Retailers Should Start Their Pay-Per-Click Christmas Campaigns Now

    Those getting the most traffic from search appear to be the big players such as Amazon, Asda, Marks all reported a 4 to 6 percent increase in sales in the five-week period leading up to Christmas, and this shows why you need to start earlier than...

  7. What’s the Deal With Links From M.Biz? Should You Disavow?

    Several times a week I get an email from a site owner who is asking whether they should disavow links to their site that come from and clone sites. But, I will give you my thoughts and also some information that Google employees have...