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Information Retrieval System

  1. Facebook on Graph Search Posts Index: 700 TB of Data & 100+ Ranking Factors

    Their search engine, Unicorn, is an inverted index framework with capabilities including index building and data retrieval; raw data is converted and separated into two parts to work within it. Before a query reaches that ranking system, though, it...

  2. Could A New Technique Change How Search Engines Work?

    The researchers said this technique can be applied to any area and that so far they have seen a 25% increase in their information retrieval. The system learns by comparing multiple medical documents written in different levels of technical language.

  3. The End of the Beginning

    While it may be "easy" to switch, the tendency and impetus to do so is nonexistent, and new players in the information retrieval universe are battling impossible odds. Google's amazingly friendly interface and powerful monetization system for...