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Information Overload

  1. How to Grow Your Google+ Fan Base to 1,000 Followers & Beyond

    Thanks to circles we can organically target the right content to the right pockets of followers and not overload the rest of our fans with content they might not really care about. Users that have taken the time to add a photo of themselves and a...

  2. Twitter Speak From @ to Z – Terms & Definitions

    Fail Whale is an error screen that will pop up for Twitter users when the social network is experiencing downtime, typically because there is an overload of people using the site. This is used when someone who is writing a tweet wants everyone to...

  3. Google's Patrick Thomas Talks Controversial Content Ahead of SES San Francisco Keynote

    A few years ago, it wasn’t hard to find articles gloomily predicting the demise of email as a useful communication tool thanks to spam overload. For search, mobile presents new challenges about displaying information and keeping out spam.

  4. Critical Thinking for the Discerning SEO [eBook Review]

    Campbell starts by examining the all-too-common issue of information overload (in SEO), reflecting on personal experience when first learning SEO and the problem of where to seek knowledge and how to filter the vast range of information in any...