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  1. Mobile Ad Revenues Soar as Search and Directories Flatten Out

    Laszlo believes that the slow growth is probably due to a maturing industry, which has become comfortable with its search spend. This is the first time we’ve given the industry and the marketplace a sense of specifically how big social media...

  2. [#SESDENVER] Is LinkedIn a Solution for Brands Tapped Out on AdWords?

    They set up multiple landing pages testing different targeting methods and lured senior-ranking industry insiders by offering beta access to their site. LinkedIn pay-per-click (PPC) advertising has excellent targeting potential because users post...

  3. How to Create a Content Marketing Strategy From Your Existing SEO Content

    Providing website visitors with free whitepapers and e-books not only allows you to generate leads, but also assists in positioning your organization as a thought leader in its respective industry. Many organizations send out monthly or quarterly...

  4. Do Weak Links Reveal Powerful Opportunities?

    So let’s take an example of a weak link in the search industry. Weak ties play a crucial role in our ability to communicate with the outside world… our friends move in the same circles we do and are inevitably exposed to the same information.

  5. The Evolution of SERPs and User Behaviors

    As an industry, we talk a lot about Google (and search engines in general) getting smarter, and most of the time, that should be our focus. Knowledge Graph can take away clicks, but only if the information in there is relevant to the users search.

  6. Former Google Employees Launch Adult Entertainment Search Engine

    Google and Bing have gradually been weeding out the industry's adult content and that (for us) has been tremendously frustrating. Additionally, Boodigo safeguards the user’s privacy by disabling the use of cookies or other tracking mechanisms that...

  7. 14 Ultimate Link-Building Guidelines to Keep Safe in 2014

    Great content has human engagement and trust signals, such as recognized authorship, quality comments, social shares from influencers within your industry, co-citations, and links. If you publish content to four readers, unless they are the biggest...