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Information Age Kids Search Engines

  1. Q&A With's Gary Price

    If you look at the Smart Answer, and click on search for books by category, you can see that they have developed this user interface that's colorful, and it's aimed at kids. So here is the International Children's Digital Library, which is the...

  2. Search Engine Forums Spotlight

    It's about the kids, says Google rival. New Media Age Jul 22 2004 1:50PM GMT The same will happen here, and the suppliers (search engines) will vertically integrate and edge out web masters to get a bigger piece of the pie.

  3. The Search Engine Update, April 15, 2003, Number 147

    As I said back in 1998, if you are trying to do proper research and are afraid the results might bring up porn, push the kids out of the room and don't engage any search engine's porn filter. Call for OFT inquiry into search listing price rise New...

  4. Dealing with Yahoo, LookSmart and the ODP

    Plan for Kids Domain Goes Forward. The Information Age was dealt a stunning blow Monday, when a factual error was discovered on the Internet. The quest for greater profits is likely to cause search engines to monetize even more of the links...