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Industrial Strength

  1. 3M on Winning the Second Click with Big Data Appliances at BrightEdge #Share12

    In all, 3M patents and technology are used to make inhalers, stethoscopes, H1N1 masks, fire retardants, high tensile cables, autocare products, Post-it notes and industrial strength glues that are used in high-rise buildings and even for building...

  2. Philosophy and Search: The Big Three Founders and the Philosophers

    This, perhaps, echoes a little Hobbes who saw the world before the Industrial Revolution as "nasty, brutish and short" and that the "only escape is by entering into contracts with each other -- mutually beneficial agreements to surrender our...

  3. Integration in a Decentralized World

    These industrial-strength solutions often carry a big price tag to match. As advertising and promotion budgets undergo new levels of scrutiny, it's vital for marketers to understand the overlaps of their various advertising campaigns and ensure...

  4. SEO Basics: Effective Iterative Keyword Research

    Fortunately, we deal with many larger clients that are already using "industrial strength" analytics systems, such as WebTrends, Omniture, or Visual Sciences (now owned by Omniture). The value of any SEO effort lies in the keywords you choose.

  5. Daily SearchCast, June 15, 2006: You Got Digg In My Netscape; When NYT Met SEO; Google's New US Government Search; Searching For Products By Color & More!

    Today's search podcast covers Netscape transforming into a Digg-like community news site; the New York Times and its industrial-strength search engine optimization work; Google relaunches its US government search service; searching for products...

  6. Google Firefox Extensions For Anti-Phishing & Popping-Up Google Blog Search Results

    Launches Industrial Strength Blog Search and New Firefox extensions over at Google highlights that there's a new anti-phishing tool now out for Firefox users plus a new add-on that lets you see what people are saying about pages you visit through...

  7. Big Site/Big Brand SEM - SES San Jose 2005

    It especially looks at what you might call "industrial-strength" or "enterprise" search marketing from the perspective of those who do this work in house. Big Site/Big Brand SEM is one of our popular sessions that is returning to SES San Jose 2005.