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Industrial Sector

  1. The secrets of successful energy trading firms

    Physical traders – including oil majors such as BP and Shell, trading houses such as Switzerland-based Vitol and Glencore, and industrial groups such as Kansas-based Koch Industries – have been able to leverage their knowledge of the physical...

  2. 4 Key Recommendations for B2B SEO in Industrial Markets

    Here are four key recommendations B2B organizations working in the industrial sector need to consider with respect to the search engine marketing initiatives. It isn't enough to solely optimize product and solutions pages as industrial personnel...

  3. The dangers of a more liquid gold market

    The rest consists of investment demand – either directly purchased bar or coin, or the gold underlying exchange-traded products (ETPs) – and a small amount from dental and industrial users. The sector as a whole, however, has seen demand fluctuate...

  4. Investable indexes - October 2008

    In the US, unemployment claims rose to a seven-year high, retail sales and industrial production fell sharply, further weakness was witnessed in the labour market, and consumer confidence fell to its lowest ever level.

  5. Liquidity survey

    The industrial space has been the focal point in the dollar investment-grade market over the last quarter. That expectation is creating a lot of flows from the cash and CDS side within the industrial space.

  6. Commodities offer alpha win

    At present some investors are unwilling to initiate passive investment in commodities because its rapid increase over the past decade has contributed to large price increases, especially in industrial metals and hydrocarbons.

  7. Sovereign Wealth Saviours

    Such an approach is in line with previous industrial practice in countries such as China, where international companies have been required to establish joint ventures with local partners in order to improve domestic knowledge.

  8. Deutsche Borse launches Daxglobal China indexes

    The top five index constituents comprise China Life Insurance, China Mobile, Industrial and Commercial Bank of China, Petrochina and China Construction Bank. The index provider has also launched 10 sector indexes, dubbed the Daxglobal Sektor series.