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  1. How to Launch an English Only Global Search Marketing Campaign

    For example, the Indian community in France or the Jewish community in Australia. India All of us in international search will tell you that if you want to go international, then you’ll have to be international.

  2. The Sun Never Sets on the Wide, Wide World of Online Video

    This means the average Indian video viewer watched over 60.0 videos that month. Third, watch “The Silent Indian National Anthem” below. In India, almost 31.5 million unique viewers watched close to 1.9 billion videos.

  3. Mobile Search Marketing for BRIC -- Country by Country

    Indian consumers already use a lot of digital content through offline channels, so at the right price mobile Internet seems ready to take off on the Indian consumer market. India However, we're talking about a staggering population of 1.21 billion...

  4. Alam Ara, First Indian Film With Sound, Celebrated with Google Doodle

    It featured the first song and soundtrack in Indian cinema history. "Alam Ara" (which means "The Light of the World") was the first movie featuring sound in India's history, but no original prints of the film have survived to present day due to a...

  5. Experian Hitwise Launches Internet Measurement Service for India

    Google India ( was the most visited website in India, representing 11.13% of all Indian Internet visits. According to Experian Hitwise India, Facebook is the third most visited website in India, representing 5.26 percent of all...