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  1. 8 Lessons Learned From Owning a Search Agency for 15 Years

    We brought IndexTools to North America, which eventually was sold to Yahoo in 2008. The goal of these "lessons" is to help you use what I found worked best and apply these to make your agency better. The lessons are in no particular order, but...

  2. Yahoo Begins Offline Advertising Campaign for Search

    Yahoo Rebrands IndexTools as Web Analytics; Launches Limited Release Yahoo is beginning an aggressive advertising campaign in order to get people to use it (again) for search. Expect to see display ads (like the one below) and hear radio ads as the...

  3. SearchDay | My Wife, the Editor

    Yahoo Rebrands IndexTools as Web Analytics; Launches Limited Release Posted by Nathania Johnson Oct 9, 2008 Last April, Yahoo acquired web analytics company IndexTools and indicated that the enterprise version would be made available for free.

  4. SearchDay: Search Engine Optimization: Back to Basics

    Mortensen is Director of Data for the Sunnyvale search engine, arriving there from IndexTools, which was acquired by Yahoo earlier this year. MarkJackson Search Engine Optimization: Back To Basics AU NATURAL As search marketers, businesspeople...

  5. Conducting a Redirect Audit on Your Web Site

    Most likely you're using a JavaScript Web tracking service such as Google Analytics, StatCounter, or even WebTrends or IndexTools. Even if your Web site ranks well in the search engines and you think there isn't anything else you can do to "fix...

  6. Who Will Cry for the Newbies?

    Last week, Yahoo bought IndexTools, a robust, white label (-able) platform that allows an advertiser to manage search engine advertising and gain a larger understanding of the consuming public's behavior on Web sites.

  7. Is There Room for Another Free Analytics Tool?

    If it's IndexTools, that is. Which is probably the reason that Yahoo recently purchased IndexTools (Disclosure: My company has been a long standing partner of IndexTools). The problem is, it likely won't be IndexTools.

  8. IndexTools is Made Free by Yahoo

    Recently I helped break the news that Yahoo acquired IndexTools. IndexTools has long been one of the industry's best kept secrets. Now Dennis Mortensen has let me know that the IndexTools Enterprise Version will be free.

  9. Search Headlines & Links: April 9, 2008

    IndexTools acquired by Yahoo! Yahoo has acquired IndexTools, a leading web analytics company. Yahoo Buys IndexTools, Could Leapfrog Google Analytics, ClickZ News Here we've collected today's top news stories posted to the Search Engine Watch Blog...

  10. IndexTools acquired by Yahoo!

    Yahoo has acquired IndexTools, a leading web analytics company. As Eric notes, one of the interesting things about this is that IndexTools is a tool that arguably has the power of the top tier tools (see my review of IndexTools here), but has been...

  11. CMS Watch says Google Analytics and Omniture are “over-hyped”

    Indextools: Web Analytics 9.0 Earlier this week, CMS Watch said that Google Analytics and Omniture are “over-hyped. This is a distant echo of the classic complaint by the Brits during World War II that the Yanks stationed in their country were...

  12. Comparing Web Analytics Packages

    So far, he has lists covering HBX Analytics, NetInsight, Clicktracks, and IndexTools. The report looks at performance, accuracy, and capabilities of Clicktracks, Google Analytics, IndexTools, Omniture SiteCatalyst, Unica Affinium NetInsight, Visual...