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Indexing Google Updates

  1. 4 Steps to Take After a Google Manual Penalty is Removed

    It may take some time before our indexing and ranking systems are updated to reflect the new status of your site. After you have meticulously completed a link audit and followed all of the steps necessary to emerge from a manual penalty, you will...

  2. Mobile Search iPhone Dance-Off: Google vs. Bing vs. Yahoo vs. Wolfram|Alpha

    It works by interpreting your input and generating the results for you by indexing web pages, then looking for textual matches, and finishes with a list of links to follow. Google We’ve gathered these four search engines in order to test the top...

  3. A Facebook Search Engine to Rival Google? Users Dislike That Idea [Survey]

    However, Facebook has yet to show any public interest in crawling and indexing the entire web with a traditional information retrieval search engine. A new survey finds 48 percent of respondents dislike the idea of Facebook launching its own search...

  4. Panda, Fresher Results, Spelling Top Google’s January 2012 Search Updates

    However, what may be more noteworthy is that Panda updates, which generally occurred roughly every 4-8 weeks last year and were believed to be manually updated, are becoming “more integrated” with Google’s indexing and ranking systems.

  5. 10 Google Search Changes Include Long Tail Indexing, Parked Domain Classifier

    Better long-tail indexing and parked domain detection are among the announced changes. More comprehensive indexing. Blog content now has a faster and deeper indexing system, making your blog even more valuable and likely to surface on the SERP.