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Independence Day

  1. Interactive 4th of July 2013 Google Doodle Takes You on a Road Trip Across America

    It's Independence Day in the U.S.which observes the signing of the Declaration of Independence. Google then sends users to a search for [When is Independence Day? America has celebrated every July 4th for 237 years.

  2. 5 Virtues to Help SEOs Achieve Workplace Enlightenment

    At the signing of the Declaration of Independence, Benjamin Franklin said, "We must, indeed, all hang together, or assuredly we shall all hang separately. It makes work fun and provides a source of renewed energy in what otherwise might be a dull...

  3. 4th of July Google Doodle Was Made For You and Me

    Today, Google has checked in with its 13th Independence Day themed logo celebrating America's birthday. Father’s Day 2012 Google Doodle Celebrates #1 Dads With Animated Logo Happy Fourth of July to all of our readers in the United States!

  4. Google Doodle Celebrates Malaysian Independence Day

    Malaysian Independence Day, or Hari Merdeka, was celebrated in Malaysia today, Aug.and Google added to the celebration with a Doodle on their Malaysia search page. Symbolically at midnight August 31, 1957 in the newly constructed Stadium Merdeka...

  5. Google Celebrating Children and Children's Stories With Doodles Worldwide

    The Grand National Assembly of Turkey was established on April 23, 1920, during the Turkish War for Independence. Each of the various animals also get their own instruments: a flute for the bird, oboe for the duck, clarinet for the cat, French...

  6. Liverpool FC Fans Invited to Enjoy a Pint with Citizen of Red Sox Nation at SES London 2011

    So, sometimes our sports columnists and reporters are much tougher on John Henry than he deserves -- just to demonstrate their journalistic independence. As Rory Smith of says, "Liverpool have waited restlessly for the day on which...

  7. Vote WHITE: Yahoo's Bastille Day Response to Carl Icahn

    We have written to you before to explain why we believe your Board of Directors has the knowledge, experience, independence and commitment to best represent the interests of all Yahoo! Today on Bastille Day, Yahoo's fighting its own revolution.

  8. Yahoo Responds To Icahn

    s current board has the independence, the knowledge, and the commitment to navigate the Company through the rapidly changing Internet environment and to deliver value for Yahoo! s requests, on May 2nd, the same day we first learned of Microsoft's...