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  1. Want to Increase Your CTR by Nearly 50%? Consider Search Refinements

    Users were indeed more likely to click on advertisers that appeared more often in the same session. This is understandable. We all know that consumers, more often than not, will click on the top ad above or to the right of the organic results.

  2. Gender Bias in Marketing: Women Seen as Less Valuable Than Men [Research]

    Kim said he suspect the clients are indeed heeding the advice of the female reps, as those clients had better-performing accounts. Both men and women have passionate views about the topic, and the subject is multifaceted and multilayered.

  3. Google Reveals What New & Expectant Parents Search For

    Indeed, our survey showed that youth plus parenthood is a digital double whammy: Young parents (ages 18–34) search 54 percent more than older parents. With both Mother's Day and Father's Day approaching, Jordan Rost, Brad Johnsmeyer, and Allison...

  4. The Evolution of Artificial Intelligence in Search: An SEO Opportunity

    Some remarkable scientists insist that AI is, indeed, possible, while other, equally notable minds argue adamantly against the possibility. So, for instance, someone searching for good pizza restaurants in the vicinity of Qualcomm Stadium in San...

  5. 7 Reasons Your Blog Sucks & How to Fix It

    Even if your blog does indeed suck, you can still salvage it and transform it into a leader in your niche. Does your blog suck? If you’re not publishing informative, engaging content or you’re constantly pimping your company more than offering...

  6. 11 Must-Measure KPIs for Content Marketing Success

    Context is critical to figuring out the value of a social sharing program, if a piece of content did indeed go viral, and how to replicate that success. However, the reality with content marketing that most people are starting to awaken to, is that...

  7. Mobile SEO: 5 Ways to Ensure Your Brand's Content is Optimized

    Clearly the days of quick wins and overnight successes in SEO are indeed an era that is well behind us. Google's recent Hummingbird algorithm and the arrival of KitKat are forcing agencies and brands to stretch their search marketing minds and...