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  1. SearchDay | Are You Giving Away Free SEO Advice?

    How can an SEO provider protect itself from bottom-feeders looking for free advice, while still preparing legitimate prospects for the necessary work that will go into the SEO effort? People noticed sales rankings had dropped and search results...

  2. What You Need to Know Before Committing to SEO

    To help you to better organize this process, here are some questions you should ask yourself and your SEO provider (in-house or outsourced) so that you can set the table for success. If your SEO provider doesn't take the time to digest what you're...

  3. Who Audits the Auditor?

    For most companies, hiring a SEO firm or an in-house provider is a daunting task. Search Engine Reputation: What is your opinion of the site's overall search engine reputation (PageRank, rankings, traffic, etc.

  4. SearchDay: When Top Keywords Suddenly Vanish

    To cut a long story short, the provider is forcing us to increase our prices because they are reducing the amount of money we receive each time we sell an item. t=22674Posted by samanthacolemanWe are a reseller for a major cell phone provider.