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Inbound Links Search Engine Penalties

  1. SEO Website Audits: Everything You Need to Know Part II

    Don’t take chances by going cheap and getting information that will end up costing you much more in the long run with lack of positioning, site devaluations, and potential penalties. They are very helpful for sites with a large amount of pages...

  2. 12 Ways to Optimize Press Releases & Avoid Google Penalties

    Will the ghost of Google past haunt companies with surprising penalties in the future? While most of the companies using PR Newswire (and our competitors) are doing so to build awareness of their messages, garner media pick up and to deliver their...

  3. Getting to Know Local SEO

    If you have several location pages, it's important the copy is unique on each page to reduce any potential duplicate content penalties. Inbound links should be created between your site and several relevant local sites.