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  1. The MEGA List of Free and Paid SEO Tools the Professionals Use [Best of SEW 2010 #3”

    Compete -- Provides competitive intelligence reporting including website traffic comparisons, inbound link analysis, and search analytics. The free version of this tool provides a number of auto-loading metrics such as page authority, number of...

  2. Performance Management for SEO Teams

    Link experts should have these skills in all areas from evaluating current inbound links for improvement possibilities all the way to complex link bait strategizing. Rosetta's search and media project managers established a system last year to...

  3. Selling SEO During an Economic Downturn

    Another way to spend this extra money for the purpose of SEO is to consider entering into a large-scale agreement with a directory, or by entering into sponsorships or other arrangements which will provide valuable inbound links that generate...

  4. Google's New Tools for Site Link Strengthening

    Many times SEOs run reports for inbound link numbers, page errors on site, and internal navigation for 404s -- the more advanced should be looking at the 404 log reports -- but now Google is doing this generally involved process for you.