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  1. SES San Francisco Keynote: Google's Matt Cutts & Patrick Thomas on Search Engine Censorship

    In the case of removing pages from its index due to defamatory content, Google must deal with issues of he said, she said, or even this country said, that country said. The keynote began with some news about backlinks in Google Webmaster Tools.

  2. SEO for Naver – Korea’s Largest Search Engine

    The content partners feed their database content by allowing Naver to crawl and index their results within their search result pages. Collection Ranking: Collection ranking is basically impression based click-through rate (CTR) analysis ranking and...

  3. KinderStart Becomes KinderStopped In Ranking Lawsuit Against Google

    Sites' positions in our search results are determined automatically based on a number of factors, which are explained in more detail at KinderStart, a directory and search engine for information related...

  4. MSN Toolbar with Desktop Search Officially Launches

    MSN Desktop Search can index more than 200 file types, but you can also add "IFilters" to index additional file types; see Desktop Search IFilters for more information You can now also select where your index file is stored, and boost the priority...