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  1. Court Rules Yelp May Demand Money for Adding and Removing Reviews

    The court believes that Yelp is not sowing any permanent economic harm and that the owners of these businesses failed to provide sufficient evidence that tampering was even occurring. The court of appeals basically ruled that Yelp would be in the...

  2. SOPA Explained: Why It’s Bad for the Web & How to #StopSOPA

    Second, SOPA would impose harmful regulations on American business and slow economic growth in the U.S. The fact that a law like SOPA or PIPA can be fast-tracked with no mention on the nightly news, no debate, in closed sessions

  3. Top Bing Searches in 2011: Bieber, Kardashian & Royal Wedding

    Not surprisingly, “bankruptcy” and “selling a home” were the most searched economic terms of 2011. Top News Events in 2011 The top news story searches of 2011 show which natural disasters, legal trials, and deaths captured the attention of the...

  4. Have Tea Party Candidates Read Obama Playbook on Using YouTube for Campaigns?

    Now, there is still a week to go before the election -- it's a tough economic environment and special interests as well as the candidates are spending tens of millions of dollars on TV. In it, he quoted Steve Grove, head of news and politics at...

  5. Search and Community Case Study at SES San Jose: NACA's Save the Dream

    One of the reasons why turnout has increased this year is NACA's use of optimized press releases, blog outreach, and YouTube videos to let people know that the national non-profit community advocacy and homeownership organization offers...

  6. Search Engine Optimization in a Down Economy

    And, in lean economic times, the average marketer may have less patience. I'm hoping that soon I'll be able to act upon all those resumes on my desk and do my part to help in the economic recovery. This could actually be good news for SEO agencies.

  7. SearchDay | 4 Ways That Facebook Can Make Big Money

    Local Search Tactics for Tough Economic Times SEW EXPERTS: LOCAL & MOBILE SEARCH What tactics and best practices can improve our local search campaigns in these challenging times? News from the Search Engine Watch Blog