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  1. How To Use HTML Meta Tags

    Claim Your SERP Real Estate With Google's Product Extension Ads Wouldn't you prefer to describe your site to potential customers or visitors using your own words rather than leaving it in Google's artificial hands?

  2. SearchDay | Charity Events: Search With a Cause

    Recently, a real estate client of mine found that his ex-partner had not only taken the entire text . Ussery noticed Google's Webmaster Guidelines suggestions for improving your sites has removed.getting links from directories.

  3. Google Real Estate? It's Google Base Again, Google's Vertical Play

    New reports of Google Real Estate are simply what we've covered before, Google Base results flowing into regular Google. It's right inline with the OneBox creeps that Google's already been doing but more dramatic because the various drop-down...

  4. Search Marketing 2004: What's Right, What's Wrong

    In the real world, companies do that with real estate and with advertising. Perhaps Google doesn't like it because it now triggers pop-ups. Thanks to the prolonged Google pre-IPO quiet period, recent unflattering media portrayals of search engine...

  5. Ad Agencies & Search Engine Marketing Firms Beginning to Play Together

    Client stewardship leads into the secondary, which is quibbling over budgetary real estate," Ryan said. Google Or Googles? Single Post Wins Google Contest. Microsoft on the Trail of Google. With them come agencies that are already attached to them...