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Implementation Analytics Packages

  1. Evolution in Digital Marketing Skill Sets

    Software packages such as those offered by Adobe, Marketo, and Eloqua are in high demand. Data and Analytics: Successful marketers of the future (and present) will have the ability to track campaigns back to return on investment (ROI) from every...

  2. Assembling Your Landing Page Optimization Dream Team, Part 2

    They may also have had additional training specifically in Web design and related graphics, photo editing, animation, video authoring, and Web design software packages. They also create and review the Web analytics reports for the site.

  3. Comparing Web Analytics Packages

    What started as a great idea for linkbait turned into a comprehensive analysis of Web analytics packages rivaling research from the largest firms. Stone Temple Consulting has published the 55-page 2007 Web Analytics Shootout, the results of a nine...

  4. Web Analytics Shootout Data Released

    Analytics packages included in the study were Clicktracks, Google Analytics, IndexTools, Omniture SiteCatalyst, Unica Affinium NetInsight, WebSideStory HBX Analytics, and WebTrends. The traffic data varied significantly between packages, which STC...