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  1. The Rise of the User Experience Marketer

    The strongest marketers will be those who are comfortable analyzing behavior data, while also conducting and incorporating qualitative research about users. This week’s big mobile search news – that Google is adding mobile-friendly site labels in...

  2. Mobile Ad Spend Skyrockets as Mobile Search Volume Grows

    As mobile search volume rose 120 percent, one-third of last quarter's paid search spend went to mobile, according to research from Covario, a San Diego, California search marketing agency. Around the world, Google dominates in the global search...

  3. SEO Is No One-Trick Pony

    You can also use any number of link research tools (OpenSiteExplorer, MajesticSEO, ahrefs/) just to name a few. And, in a perfect world, there is a PPC budget that can be established/maintained for keyword research purposes.

  4. Baidu Building Powerful Computer Cluster

    The cluster will have about 100 billion digitally simulated neural connections and will be 100 times more powerful than Google's deep learning research project, Google Brain. Beijing-based Web services company Baidu is reportedly building the world...

  5. The Challenge of Enterprise Link-Building in a Content Marketing World

    For enterprise companies, the most effective ones typically involve a great deal of collaboration and solid, in-depth research. Typically the content must be exceptional for this kind of approach to get traction, but it does tend to work well with...

  6. Influential Twitter Accounts Indexed More in Google [Research]

    Stone Temple Consulting put out findings of research it conducted on the indexation of tweets in Google. The research looks at 963 Twitter accounts. But even Tweets from influentials were not indexed particularly fast, the research revealed.

  7. Videos Dominate Universal Search Results 65% of the Time [Study]

    The research found image integration was showing more frequently in the Knowledge Graph, versus between the listings in the main body of the SERP. In its latest research, Searchmetrics studied the universal search results for millions of keywords...