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  1. 26 Free Must-Have Tools for PPC Success

    Google Drive is great for storing Google Docs and other files. Use it to create audiences, play around with targeting, and create an image bank for your campaigns. Carpenters have hammers and saws. Doctors have expensive medical devices like MRI...

  2. Google Webmaster Tools Adds Manual Action Penalty: Image Mismatch

    If we determine your site is no longer in violation of our guidelines, we’ll revoke the manual action,” Google said in its help files. This week, reports of a new type of manual action alert have surfaced in manual action viewer – “image mismatch.

  3. Seize The Data: 5 Ways To Leverage Big Data for Social Media & Search

    Number of "files" or containers of information within the digital universe is expected to grow 75 percent between 2011 and 2021. Image credit: EMC Image Credit: Computerworld Time is money and the clock is ticking in the race to acquire, decipher...

  4. A 7-Step Landing Page Template to Convert Prospects into Leads

    Also, any system that you choose needs to be configured so that it doesn't prevent you from doing the things you need to do: send and receive email, use the web, share documents, back up and restore files at remote locations, and many others.

  5. SEO Diagnostics: Urgent & Preventive Care

    So when search engines start crawling the pages you want everything to line up, from the links in your navigation, to internal links, external backlinks, canonical tags, XML files, etc. Another thing you can do to help your crawl efficiency is to...

  6. Google Catalogs Design Tips: How to Best Showcase Your Products

    When you get ready to edit your real catalog, you can import the shape files. Rounded rectangles with black borders indicate a web snippet or image gallery annotation. With the annotations showing, take a screenshot of your browser window and save...