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  1. Build Relationships, Not Links

    Offer them your client’s expertise on a topic that’s relevant to their site that they haven’t covered yet. If your client sells shoes and you approach a fashion blogger with a free pair to review, their conscience (and their shoe addiction) will...

  2. Meebo to Offer Social Ads to Partner Sites

    In the second quarter of 2009, instant messaging client Meebo will begin offering its social ad platform to partner sites. IM Platform Meebo Tries Shareable Ads So far, over 40 online publishers will participate including:

  3. SearchDay | Integration in a Decentralized World

    I've been told by a client that he ran all his international campaigns in a $US account. Mar 6, 2009 Until about a week or two ago, I had heard the term twitter, but didnt exactly know what it was (keep in mind im in Germany, were a secondary...

  4. Buy-side backlash

    The remainder is paid out at the client's instruction to several independent research providers, brokers or other service vendors of its choice. Vwap is just a measure of mediocrity," says Steve Wood, global head of trading at Schroders IM in London.

  5. Google CEO Maps Missions, Stays on Message

    This led to some interesting background about Schmidt's time in the area of client-server computing. FeedCrier, another way to act fast with RSS and IM, TechCrunch Although attendance at Eric Schmidt's keynote conversation with Danny Sullivan...

  6. Tracking Changes on Web Pages

    First and by far the best (nothing comes even close), is client software called WebSite-Watcher (WSW). What Happens When You Mashup RSS, IM, and Publishing Services? My friend and librarian colleague, Phil Bradley, points to a blog post by Marshall...