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Illegal Drugs

  1. Financial crime body tightens rules on company ownership

    In a joint study by the World Bank and the United Nations Office on Drugs and Crime, 150 of the 213 cases of grand corruption analysed used a corporate vehicle held by a company or corporation to hide an illicit money trail.

  2. States Legalize Marijuana, But Google, Facebook, Twitter Just Say No to Pot Ads

    Google's policy on illegal drugs and psychoactive substances states that the search engine does not allow: the promotion of illegal drugs, legal or synthetic highs, herbal drugs, chemicals and compounds with psychoactive effects, drug...

  3. Why Google Will Reject, Block, or Flag Your Data Feed

    Google has a pre-set list of restricted products on Google Shopping, such as gambling and illegal drugs. Although Google seems to expect online merchants who get penalized or kicked off Google Shopping to understand why, this isn't always clear to...

  4. Google Under Fire Again for Providing Easy Access to Prescription Drugs

    Mississippi Attorney General Jim Hood claimed Google was up to its old tricks by allowing websites to be found that sell illegal prescription drugs. USA Today also reported the group Digital Citizens Alliance found Google was allowing ads on...

  5. Shareholder Sues Google For Aiding Illegal Drug Sales

    A Google shareholder has filed a lawsuit against Google CEO Larry Page and the entire board of directors for unspecified damages because the company allowed advertising from online pharmacies and facilitated the “illegal importation” of drugs.

  6. Google Pays $500M to Avoid DOJ Prosecution on Drug Ads

    Some of the transactions included sales from unlicensed practitioners and sales to people without prescriptions, resulting in the illegal importation of drugs into the United States. Google was under investigation for profiting off advertising from...

  7. Tracking Search Habits: The Mephedrone Ban

    On April 7, an amendment to the act was passed by the U.K.parliament, making mephedrone and other substituted cathinones (stimulants) Class B drugs illegal starting April 16. Let's examine how Britain is searching online for mephedrone and other...