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Illegal Activities

  1. Financial crime body tightens rules on company ownership

    While the use of corporate vehicles is vital for a range of legitimate commercial activities, significant scope for misuse remains. The detailed guidance from the FATF, the international standards body for combating money laundering and terrorism...

  2. Google Under Fire Again for Providing Easy Access to Prescription Drugs

    It came to light that Google was aware of the activities all the way up to CEO Larry Page, and one con man who profited from the Internet giant's loose regulations became instrumental in the Google pharmacy sting, which exposed the illegal...

  3. Google Won't Erase Links to Max Mosley Hooker Orgy Stories, So He Sues

    It is a terrible thing that his sexual activities were taped and released to the public. We've been saying to Google, you shouldn't do this, this material is illegal, these pictures have been ruled illegal in the English High Court.

  4. Google vs. the World: A Week of Conflicts, Disputes, and Lawsuits

    YouTube removed videos that violated the site's guidelines prohibiting "dangerous or illegal activities such as bomb-making, hate speech, and incitement to commit violent acts," or which came from accounts "registered by a member of a designated...

  5. The Web's Wild West Days Are Gone

    The increase in cyberpolice isn't necessarily a bad thing; many Web activities need policing. This would block all 'illegal' and 'inappropriate' material, as determined in part by a secret blacklist administered by the Australian Communications and...

  6. TNK-BP under Kremlin scrutiny

    TNK-BP responded by stating: "We operate within the Russian legal framework and we do not condone illegal activities, nor do we rely on unfair competitive practices. Fears of a campaign against the company were heightened the day after the arrests...

  7. Trading with restraint

    In the SG case, we know that some systems and procedures actually detect suspicious activities, but the main problems were that some of these systems are not efficient and also that they are not communicating with each other.

  8. Japan to reform Fiel, plans professionals market

    Revisions also propose stricter penalties for illegal activities. News Japan's cabinet approved a bill on March 4 submitted by the Financial Services Agency (FSA) for revisions to the Financial Instruments and Exchange Law (Fiel), which was enacted...

  9. The regulatory minefield

    The European Commission has also been flexing its muscles in respect of competition and cartel activities and imposed record fines in 2007 (it has the power to impose hefty fines on companies of up to 10% of annual worldwide turnover).