SEO News


  1. Search Engine Promises to Reduce Carbon Footprint

    If you want to “go green” while conducting your searches, then a new search engine is right up your alley. Echocho promises to grow up to 2 trees for every 1000 searches. The search engine allows users to choose whether they wish to conduct...

  2. Yahoo! Using Black Hat Methods

    Andy Beal details a very interesting action Yahoo! seems to be doing when people upgrade the Yahoo Messenger. Not only do you get the Messenger updated but you also get the new IE 7 with most of the settings set to Yahoo as the default.

  3. Google Copies Yahoo's IE7 Marketing Page

    Jeromy Zawodny has found that Google used the existing Yahoo IE7 promo page. Comparative pictures of the two promo pages supports his contention. Zawodny, a Yahoo! employee, uncovered this yesterday and blogged about it.

  4. The Search Engine Report - Number 119

    =================== In This Issue =================== Upcoming Search Engine Strategies Events + Renewing With SES CBS News Stories In Google Earth Upload Videos To Google's Picasa Google Working To Stop Lawsuits Over YouTube

  5. Google CEO Maps Missions, Stays on Message

    Put Google CEO Eric Schmidt on stage with SEW's Danny Sullivan and you get an entertaining and enlightening glimpse into the soul of the world's favorite search machine.A special report from the Search Engine Strategies conference, August 7-10...