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  1. 130 Questions to Ask When Choosing a Local Search Automation Tool

    Can [VENDOR NAME] provide results from Intrusion Detection System (IDS) monitoring from the past 90 days? Performing well in local search depends on many different tactics, so finding a partner with tools and technology to help you manage them all...

  2. Why Google Will Reject, Block, or Flag Your Data Feed

    Check out this list for major Google data feed errors and solutions including title warnings, duplicate group IDs, and robots.txt errors. Moreover, Google doesn't always do the best job of communicating why your data feed is getting rejected...

  3. AdWords Christmas List: 6 New Features Google Should Add in 2013

    Many things I read say you should tag your products in the merchant center with special IDs that will help Google AdWords show more data. What’s on your Christmas list this year? For me, what I really want to unwrap are a few gifts from Google.