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  1. Facebook Aims to Restrict Gun Sales With New Rules

    These were back-alley-style transactions that were done without any kind of identity checks or restrictions, and they appeared to be quite common across multiple firearm-related pages on Facebook. Facebook is jumping into the gun rights debate by...

  2. Matt Cutts: Facebook, Twitter Social Signals Not Part of Google Search Ranking Algorithms

    So because we're sampling an imperfect web, we have to worry a lot about identity when identity is already hard. I think over 10 years, we're more likely to understand identity and to understand the social connections between people, but at least...

  3. 8 Tips for Building Your Internal Content Marketing Strategy

    Once you identity that, you can focus on creating the content you need. You know that story about the cobbler's children not having shoes and walking barefoot uphill in the snow? It's a heartbreaker and it's one we can all relate to.

  4. Matt Cutts on SEO, PageRank, Spam & the Future of Google Search at Pubcon Las Vegas

    Authorship is another area where Google wants to improve, because tying an identity to an authorship profile can help keep spam out of Google. First, Cutts spoke about Google’s “Moonshot changes,” which he broke down into these areas:

  5. Most Wanted Celebs Expose Searchers to Malware

    Such requests are a common tactic for phishing that could lead to identity theft. Searching for nude pics of Lily Collins? How about Avril Lavigne or Sandra Bullock? McAfee warns that these types of searches, along with a handful of others centered...

  6. SES San Francisco Keynote: Google's Matt Cutts & Patrick Thomas on Search Engine Censorship

    In Google's case, they have a cheat sheet of sorts, where they aim to ensure the results are as comprehensive as possible, removals are kept to a minimum, they rely on algorithms over manual action, they help users avoid identity theft, and they...

  7. Sequencing the DNA of the Perfect Comment [Study]

    Identity Since the Internet began, user-generated content (UGC) has played an important role in engaging users and encouraging the spread of content. A recent study examined the contribution of comments to the readers' experience, and by...