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  1. The New Inbox: The Intersection of Email, Mobile & Social Marketing

    One of the other important points Jenkins touched on is that email is the common identifier across all channels. But did you know that email plays a very important role with both of those from an engagement, brand, and conversion perspective?

  2. What is Mobile App Attribution & Why is it Important?

    Unique Identifier Matching: Attribution using unique identifiers is done by matching the unique identifiers from the install to a click. Unique identifier matching is an automated and real-time way of comparing clicks to installs instead of...

  3. Google as Your Identity Provider: Where Are We Now?

    Verifying identity of the user by verifying credentials of the user; and upon verifying the identity of the user, creating an author badge for the content posted online by the user, wherein the author badge includes a badge identifier...

  4. Facebook Fixes Cookie Issues as Lawmakers Urge FTC Privacy Probe

    Of greatest note is the a_user cookie, which works as a personal identifier for the user that can afterward be examined by Facebook or third-party sites. It was recently discovered that some Facebook cookies were left in-tact after logout.

  5. Google Product Search Insights: The Impact of UPCs on Customer Conversions

    Google Product Search has recently released new Unique Product Identifier (UPI) requirements in June and new data feed requirements as of July 11. Starting on September 22, products that do not list the attributes below or that do not define the...