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Ian Mcanerin

  1. Search Headlines & Links: April 11, 2008

    The Creation of Draft SEM Standards, Ian McAnerin Here we've collected today's top news stories posted to the Search Engine Watch Blog, along with search-related headlines from around the Web: From the SEW Blog:

  2. SEO Standards Signal the Maturing of Our Industry

    Ian McAnerin countered that: "You can't ask for clarification of every word in the English language, just in case the other fellow defines them differently. Ian rightly points out that standards in many industries are needed to protect the public...

  3. SMA-NA Dissolved

    Ian McAnerin, president of the Search Marketing Association of North America (SMA -NA), announced on Saturday that he will be dissolving the organization due to lack of resources. SMA-NA, like the UK (SMA -UK) and European (SMA-EU) counterparts...

  4. Implementing your Search Strategy for the Latino Market, Part 1

    According to Ian McAnerin, CEO of McAnerin Networks, the best method for showing up in your targeted country's search results is to have a site with the country code top level domain (ccTLD). If you can't obtain the ccTLD of your target countries...

  5. Danny Live at SES

    Ian McAnerin captured the highlights of the evening forum at the New York SES, and offers them in today's SearchDay article, An Evening with Danny Sullivan, along with a link to the full Webmaster Radio recording of the session.

  6. 2005 in Review: The Best Search Engine Watch Forum Posts

    In this discussion, we have a wide variety of opinions posted, but some of the most interesting come from Ian McAnerin, who's both the moderator of the search and legal issues section of the forums, as well as a practicing attorney.

  7. SMA-NA To Hold Elections

    Chief organizer Ian McAnerin says over here on the High Rankings Forums that only one more member is needed to call a quorum and lists potential offices. Todd at Stuntdubl notes that the Search Marketing Association of North America --