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Hurricane Katrina

  1. Google Crisis Response: From Search Engine to Information Provider

    When Hurricane Katrina hit New Orleans in August 2005, Google really started to show it's "age". During Hurricane Irene, Google published a threat evacuation layer onto Google maps on the WNYC radio website to reach both browsers and listeners.

  2. Will Google run a Super Bowl commercial in the third quarter?

    And anyone who had Hurricane Katrina devastate their region deserves the rest of the nation -- with the understandable exception of Indianapolis -- to tell them, "We've got your back. According to a variety of sources, Google plans to run a Super...

  3. Using Search to Find Missing Persons: Scratching the Surface

    But, search has an altruistic side as evidenced during Hurricane Katrina and 9/11, when many assisted people in searching for loved ones. Jan. Vernon Kent Jones, 24 -- known as Cameron to his friends -- left a New Year's Eve party in New York City.

  4. Prevention is the Best Medicine: Don't Let Viral Campaigns Get Sick and Die

    This was from a campaign created by the Oxygen Network in which Oxygen agreed to donate $1.00 for every participant to Hurricane Katrina relief. Today is my first contribution to the Link Love column.

  5. A Closer Look At Microsoft's Instant Answers

    Reference related Instant Answers are provided by Microsoft Encarta: 'population of Nigeria’ (131,859,730), 'hypothalamus definition’Finance related Instant Answers are provided by MSN Money: ‘msft stock’ (28.44 as of October 17), ‘drbnx’And music...

  6. Lycos Kicks off the "Top Search Terms of the Year" Season

    Hurricane Katrina (-) Hurricane Katrina Hurricane Rita As expected it was Hurrican Katrina at #1 and the the term Tsunami at #2. Today, we begin the journey with the release of the Lycos list from the Lycos 50 of the most popular Internet search...

  7. Daily SearchCast, Nov. 30, 2005: Yahoo Mail Gets RSS Reader, Microsoft's "Fremont" Classified Ads Service, Irrelevant Google Ads, SEO Myths, MSN Seeking Search Champs, The Future Of SEM & More!

    The Internet Archive: Hurricane Katrina Microsoft's planned classified ads service, Google Base gaining a blog, Google ads lacking relevancy, dealing with SEO myths, Microsoft after new a new Search Champs focus group line-up, what's the future of...

  8. Debunking Urban Myths

    Did you hear about the killer dolphins that got loose from a naval facility in the wake of Hurricane Katrina? Apparently, an urban myth. How do you track down if something's a myth or not? Shirl Kennedy over at Gary's other site,