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Human Search Engine Submission

  1. My "Must Have" List of Directories

    They offer a few models and variations on their submission, but the free directory listing is enough to show up in the search results for your brand name. This is a human-edited directory that is REALLY picky if you want a free listing.

  2. Standards? We Don't Need No Stinkin' Standards!

    Social news submission, for example, poses an entirely different risk to the Huffington Post than, say, Bill O'Reilly when it comes to SEO benefit. SEO is a discipline of balance, and careful mixture of human and algorithmic input is necessary to...

  3. How to Select a Search Engine Optimization Firm

    Submission to the major crawler-based search engines, other than possible XML feeds, is not necessary. Another thing to consider here is your available human resources pool, or lack thereof. There are a lot of very good search engine optimization...

  4. Search Engine Results Chart

    They bring up submission help from Search Engine Watch's Search Engine Submission Tips section. For help in getting listed with a particular search provider, read the Essentials Of Search Engine Submission guide, for a step-by-step process to the...