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  1. You Are Not in Control – #RIMC 2012 Highlights

    The annual conference, which takes place in Iceland’s capital, is organized by Kristjan Mar Hauksson, SES speaker, SEMPO board director, and founder of Nordic eMarketing. Distortion: It's human nature for people to desire to be presented with views...

  2. The Google Killer No One Dares Discuss [Best of SEW 2010 #5”

    Just a few miles away from where I write this article lie the ancient remains of Carthage, the one-time capital of the Carthaginian empire of Hannibal and his elephants. In fact, throughout human history, by far the commonest source of shared...

  3. Happy Birthday Google. 12 Years On, Then & Now

    Less than 12 months later, Google Inc had secured $25 million from Sequoia Capital and Kleiner Perkins Caufield & Buyers. Which, in human terms, means it is almost teenager! Yahoo, also a project originating form Stanford, arguably Page and Brin's...

  4. Are the CFTC, SEC and Fed equipped for their new powers?

    Additionally, if institutions have higher capital levels than previously, they may be able to prevent a major problem from developing,” says Randall Kroszner, professor of economics at the University of Chicago Booth School of Business and a...

  5. Optimize Your Brand for Sharing and Social Search in 11 Steps

    The stature of one's social capital ultimately contributes to the hierarchy, placement, and findability of the content and social objects we share online. Employ the Human Algorithm Google is already experimenting with a human algorithm of sorts...

  6. Pricing in volatility and global reach

    On the other hand, the need to attract new business in lean times has forced firms, especially smaller ones, to be innovative, to add value wherever they can, to market more aggressively and yes, to slash fees as well,” he says.Hannah Terhune at...

  7. Digging into due diligence

    At Eddington Capital Management, head of operational due diligence Jerry Cooper adds, “From investors’ point of view, due diligence has suddenly become massively important. It has therefore chosen to enlist a range of accountancy and law firms to...

  8. Software Survey 2009

    Recent developments to the company's S2 enterprise risk and capital adequacy system for insurance and Solvency II focused on sub-models, and these now include diversification, customer value enhancement and profitability.

  9. Search Ad Tools Help Manage Complexity

    WebTrends comparative analysis of advertisers spending $30,000 (or more) per month and focused only on media spending, not the total cost (human capital investments) of expenditures for advertisers optimizing for Return on Advertising Spend (ROAS).

  10. Agency Leadership -- Imparting Your Vision

    You're involved in discussions about finances instead of keywords, involved in building sales incentives instead of building links, and reading about venture capital instead of the latest Google updates!