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Human Behavior

  1. Adobe Experience Manager: Content, Search, Social & Mobile – An Integrated Future

    After all, SEO is about technology and human behavior. This is how Loni Stark, director of product and industry marketing at Adobe, helped described the new Adobe Experience Manager. I managed to catch up with Stark at the Adobe Marketing Summits...

  2. So... You Think SEO Has Changed?

    Keyword research is still the same exercise in human behavior modeling and understanding how people are using language to search. Every year I hear a new chorus of folks claiming that SEO is dead or that SEO has changed so fundamentally that it's...

  3. The Multi-Platform Majority Has Arrived. Are You Ready?

    As mobile carves out an ever-increasing piece of the digital pie, it's never been more critical for marketers to understand and align with the direction of consumer behavior. Tablets offer a larger screen which still renders non-mobile optimized...

  4. Mobile SEO: 5 Ways to Ensure Your Brand's Content is Optimized

    Understanding searcher behavior by channel, intent by geography, and engagement by content asset throughout the buying cycle is key to a brand's web presence reputation. Think about the behavior difference between the two searches.

  5. Why Google's Hummingbird Algorithm Isn't for the Birds

    By using prior search data along with "big data," – other user behavior factors – the new more intelligent algorithm can predict the best match of content to a user's intent. Who is searching – based on personalization and prior behavior.

  6. Google Webmaster Tools Adds Manual Action Penalty: Image Mismatch

    Google said this behavior may be caused by “anti-hotlinking” tools, and that may require looking through your site’s code on the server. Manual actions are penalties resulting from a human reviewer at Google who has determined a website violates...

  7. The Social CEO: 6 Reasons Why the CEO Must Lead the Way

    Unfortunately, controversy, bad behavior, and negative press also appear in search engine results. In a moment, bad news, a slip of the tongue, or bad public behavior can quickly displace positive brand sentiment with bad results in search, social...