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  1. Will Group Chat, Video Calls Help Facebook Counter Google+ Hangouts & Huddle?

    While it may have been "awesome" a week ago, Facebook's annoucement that it is now offering group chat and video calling may have lost some of its shine due to the launch of Google+. Mark Zuckerberg, who himself has a Google+ account, speaking at...

  2. Is Google App Engine HuddleChat a Campfire Rip-Off?

    Turned Campfire into Huddle, a la peanut butter sandwiches. Of all the App Engine apps in all the developer joints in all the Google universe, Google walks into a land mine: HuddleChat. There's only one problem: HuddleChat is a dead ringer for...

  3. Small Business Growing? Know When to Let Go

    Pay someone else to huddle in front of the computer and worry about your rankings. If you only have time to check search engine rankings, but don't have time to do anything about them – it might be time to outsource.